4 Reasons Why Nerds are Awesome

We are nerds. And we are cool. Yup. We are. Gone are the days when nerds were laughed at, because we are taking over the world.(Nerds around the world clap loudly)

Now we are not boasting but our statement is backed my solid logic.

Nerds are freaking smart. And smart beats good looks. The world’s richest people are nerds. Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Marck Zuckerbeg, Michael Dell..the list is long and freaking impressive. We have the power to change the world.

Nerds are trendsetters. Yes, it’s true. We don’t rely on fashion to make us look good but make mundane items like sweatshirt, cool. Now about plain t-shirts which Mark Zuckerberg singlehandedly turned into a fashion item? Only Nerds have the power to do that.

Nerds plan one step ahead. Not only we can predict your next move, we know how to smartly get our way. We catch trends way before it becomes ‘cool’.

Nerds know how to make and save money. Part of being smart is knowing how to play the system.  Businesses like Apple have figured out how to make billions and pay almost no tax. Apple CEO Tim Cook lately detailed, in his testimony to the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, how he did this all lawfully — WOW score one for the nerds!  Who’s the outcast now?