Nerd Style Has Made a Comeback

For years, the runways have been dominated by broad and brawn male models that looked like Greek Gods. But fashion is fickle, and the dawn of a new trend has begun. Make way for the Nerdy Chic or Geeky Chic, as brains have replaced the brawn, even in the fashion world! Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele proved just this when a slew of nerdy chic models walked down the runway at the Milan Fashion Week to present the 2016 fashion collection for the brand.

Apple’s Steve Jobs, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Tumblr’s David Karp may be great role models for all tech nerds, but they also happen to be great style icons for the modern young men of today. And with good reason.

Most of these men have a stylish ‘uniform’ – a silhouette they wear often and wear well, one that their fans associate with them, and also want to replicate. And it’s now fashionable to ‘own your look’ and stick to a tried and tested uniform, so you can take all guesswork out of fashion.

Today fashion draws inspiration from the practical, modern world. And we no longer need tall, muscular heroes to save the day. Our heroes are now bespectacled, brainy nerds who come up with new brilliant ideas everyday to change the world.

They create entire industries that we cannot fathom living without, so it’s no wonder that they are also influencing the fashion industry. The timeless tale of the mighty warrior vs. timid loser is now stale, because geek style is actually cool, and hence, the hottest new trend.

Part of geek couture is celebrating what you like, instead of fashion dictating what you should be and wear,” says fashion designer Andrew MacLaine, who won the Best Designer Audience Choice Award at 2014 San Diego Comic Con. “At the root geek couture, it’s about ‘I like what I like, even if other people don’t understand it. … I want to be who I want to be.’ That’s what fashion should be.”

So bring out those corduroy pants, the front buttoned cardigans, the horn-rimmed glasses, the sweater vests and the geeky T-shirts — because nerd chic is now in fashion!