Do Powerful Men like Getting Tied Up?

The Fifty Shades of Grey series has made the idea of BDSM a lot more popular. And you may even think that the story-line makes a lot of sense – an influential man who plays power roles sitting behind his desk probably likes to play the dominant role in the bedroom as well. But you’d be astonished to know that it’s the exact opposite that happens to be true – influential and powerful men like getting tied up!

In a hypothesis presented by Rolan Imhoff and Joris Lammers that will be soon seen in an edition of Social Psychological and Personality Science. Based on exhaustive research that has shown social powers reduces a person’s inhibitions, the researchers claim that powerful men feel less vulnerable, and are more likely to have sadism fantasies. Since they spend their days giving orders and running large industries, they are not afraid to tap into their inner interests of playing the ‘submissive’ sexual role, especially considering that it clashes with the common societal expectations.

While the fictional Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades of Grey series may stick to societal expectations of masochism to be more masculine, real-life powerful men are more turned on by sexual fantasies involving submission. This hypothesis is further proved by a recent scandal caused when a video showing former head of Formula One, Max Mosley, engaging in submission sexual activities with a Dominatrix in a German-themed dungeon. This unfortunate incident shows that powerful men are more likely to choose a sexual role that best suits their own fantasies — not necessarily the one more in tune with a masculine ideal.

Power becomes a source of sexual liberation, according to studies. In fact, Dutch research shows that a person in a powerful social position is more prone to infidelity. This is more common in women, since our society sees infidelity as a bigger stigma when it comes to women.