How to diet over Christmas like a man

Things are about to get dangerous. Parties, work lunches, festive season drinks. And that’s before you even get to Christmas itself. The easy and obvious option for us all is to just surrender to the debauchery and pick up the pieces in January however painful.

Or, bear with us, you could try to minimise the damage with some small tweaks to you diet and canny decisions that may just see you through to New Year without looking like Johnny Vegas.

Dieting in December? No, that would be madness. Let’s just call it: ‘festive eating tactics’. Here are some suggestions:

1 | Get Your Breakfast Right

During party season you’re going to get into situations that test your willpower spectacularly. The one part of your day where you retain absolute control is your first meal, so choose wisely.

“Starting your day right, will stop cravings and help maintain energy levels,” says nutritionist Sarah Ann Macklin.

Louisiana State University in the U.S found those who ate eggs for breakfast had more energy than if they ate cereal and helped them feel full.

“I would suggest making your porridge coconut milk/almond milk, and using gluten free oats to avoid bloating and inflammation of the digestive system. Top with fresh berries or a sprinkle of nuts for added protein.

2 | Get A Do Anywhere Workout Routine

This month, there are even more excuses for not going to the gym than usual – workload, hangovers, staying at the in-laws. The solution is to have an easy routine you can do anywhere that uses only your bodyweight and can be squeezed in whenever you get a spare moment.

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