7 Types Of Men Women Avoid Dating


Or a start, it would be important to define the purpose of venturing into a relationship. What do you hope to achieve to achieve at the long run? How intense do you want the relationship to be? These and many more questions should be asked and carefully reviewed before hitting off. That being established, the type of men women wouldn’t want to date comes to play.

Below are some of the categories of men women avoid when dating

  1. The Broke Guy

Yes, some women are independent. They love to take their stand most times and are capable of seeing to their own needs. No matter how hard they prove to be unmaterialistic, it is expected that men who want to date them or men already dating them should know their duties as their boyfriends and play their roles responsibly. While the men may not foot major bills, they expect them to be able to make contributions towards their upkeep. This would give the men a sense of dignity. A man who is always broke poses a risk of being a potential liability. Men in this category can’t take care of women. Women avoid them because they are incapable of looking after their needs.  Instead, they end up milking the women of their virtues and rob them of their honor.

  1. Mama’s Boy

Some men have been caged. They are connected to their mothers in every way. They find it hard to make decisions without their mothers’ input and consent. Their moves are always approved by their mothers and they run back to them whenever they encounter problems. Dating a mama’s boy has many challenges; the girlfriend would constantly be at war with his mother over trying to stress her position in his life.

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Image Source: http://www.celebratingawoman.com