Review: Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Samsung is definitely a veteran on the smartwatch scene, perhaps even more so than LG. The Korean giant has already done a few experiments in the field, some of which arguably quite successful, but the Gear S2 might just be the biggest one yet.

The Gear S2 is radically different from any other wearable Samsung has put out. There is, of course, the obvious fact that it is the first to utilize a round form-factor, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The new Gear is yet another radical development in Samsung’s wearable family that has been frantically moving towards and then away from standardization and the Android Wear OS.

While still relying on the custom Tizen platform, the Gear S2 now looks to be more in-line with today’s smartwatch trends, as set by Google and Apple. Samsung might have finally found a proper course of development to stay in tune with the general flow, while still working on its own vision and delivering a fresh and alternative, yet somehow familiar experience.

The Gear S2 is the first milestone on this new path and it is eerily familiar and surprisingly different all at the same time.

One important note to make, before we dig in any further, is that the Gear S2 actually has three distinct variants. The Gear S2 and S2 Classic share the same hardware, but have quite a few design differences. The Gear S2 3G, on the other hand offers 3G connectivity and it is a bit thicker and heavier than its siblings and comes with a different chipset.

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