Sexy Eyewear and the Gentleman

Gone are the days when a man in eyeglasses was immediately termed as a ‘nerd’. Men in eyeglasses may feel dorky and think it makes them look less dashing , but the truth is — it can actually increase your sex appeal and kick up your style quotient up a notch.

Believe us when we tell you that an intelligent, smart woman is much more likely to be impressed with sexy eyewear than she’d be with a ripped body with 6-pack abs. Christiano Ronaldo and Ryan Gosling look sharp yet hunky in eyeglasses, as does SRK.

Even if your goal is to pick the most unobtrusive, lightweight frames possible, you’re going to need to think about what kinds of shapes blend in with your face and features and what kinds stand out. And for the man who uses his glasses as an active piece of the fashion ensemble — which we recommend — there’s, even more, to think about.

Picking The Right Eyewear

When it comes to choosing the right eyewear, throw that lengthy “guidebook for choosing attractive eyewear” out the window. Yes, you heard us right. There is no reason why you can’t rock the frames you actually like (and not the one you’re forced to pick because the SA assures you that’s the best shape for your face-cut).

There is only one rule when picking eyewear — analyze what it is that your face lacks to be conventionally attractive, and add that with eyewear.

For example – if you have an angular face with lots of lines, rounder glasses add some curve and softness to your features. If your face is round, angled glasses are a good choice. And that’s it!

What About Eye Treatments?

On the other hand, you can opt for natural eye treatments to fix the vision-related problem and choose zero-power eyeglasses that amp up your style quotient but make it totally possible for you to ditch the eyeglasses in the bedroom!

Natural eye treatment options are an excellent option to cure a plethora of eye problems without any surgery or side effects. In fact, there is also a treatment available for color blindness now, which uses a highly researched and developed procedure that rejuvenates the cone cells responsible for colour perception by stimulating the neurotrophic factors in the retina. What that means for the sexy and cultured gentleman? Well, for one, you’ll always know exactly what color dress your ‘significant other’ looks smashing in, and she’ll love your compliments all the more!!