Stay At Home Dads Pay Attention! You Can Do This!

Taking kids to school, preparing healthy nutritious meals and packing lunches, making sure the dry cleaning is picked up and the groceries are stocked and much more, whether it’s the fledgling economy or a simple sign of more modern times, a growing number of men are deciding to stay at home with the kids and let their wives deal with rush hour traffic and casual Fridays.

And while a stay-at-home dad is still considered a rare specimen, it does get easier with time. Like any other job, actually. But to smoothen out the process, these 5 survival tips for stay-at-home-dads will come truly handy.

Have a plan in place. You may be able to get on with everyday life caring for the kids and cleaning up the house, but it can get awkward at parties to say “I don’t do anything”. Instead, come up with a simple story – online content coordinator, the online trader, struggling writer…whatever works for you.

Learn to set up a routine. It’s not much different from chalking out a routine in the office; trust us.

While it can seem rather tempting to stay in your pyjamas all day, lounging on the couch watching TV with a cold beer, resist the urge to become a couch potato. Kids need a routine and so do you.

Find ways to make other mums warm up to you. A single man on the playground can come across as a predator, so you’ll have to charm your way into the group of other SAHMs you’ll meet and communicate with every day.

Get ready to face a lot of challenge from your kids initially. They liked dad when they didn’t see him much and they will try to challenge your authority when they realise this role-reversal is for good. Be patient. Be calm. They’ll come around.

Try to not let money get in-between your relationship with your significant other. Only because you no longer contribute financially to the household doesn’t mean you can’t lust after that cool flat screen TV.