This Is What Your Tie Says About You

You have an important meeting in the morning and you’re standing in front of your closet unsure of which tie to wear. Sounds familiar? We help you demystify what your tie really says about you!

With many sources dating its origin back to the tomb of the first emperor of China, the tie has transformed over time to become a staple in church and business environments across the world. While the simple act of wearing a tie can say a lot about a person, there are aspects of a tie that can speak volumes about who you are.

You can tell a lot from a man’s tie: his personality, his career thoughts, or even his mood that day. If this is truly the case though, should you really be so liberal with your tie choices?

Just because you see no correlation between your tie and how others perceive you, trust us – there is method to the madness.

Here are three things to keep in mind next time you pick a tie for any occasion.

  1. The Color:

The color of your tie is more than just a fashion statement; it is an insight into your attitude and personality. Wearing the right color will help you create the image you wish to portray. No matter the audience — clients, staff or even children — picking the right tie color can help get your message across.

  1. The Pattern

Not only does tie color carry significance, but fabric pattern also affects the message rendered. Paisley may send across the message that you’re a “free spirit”. On the other hand, polka dots of any size may be considered friendly and light-hearted. Stripes are dynamic, especially diagonal stripes, and may reflect the multiple dimensions of the wearer.

The absence of a pattern can say a lot as well. Solid ties not only portray versatility and boldness, but they are also considered a safe wardrobe staple.

  1. Nuances Of The Knot

While there are 85 different ways to tie a tie, most men are only with familiar with one or two methods. Clip on ties come across as lazy and juvenile. The Schoolboy-knot is easy and suitable for most occasions, but can look unkempt when worn with too wide of a collar or not tied with care.

The Pratt or Shelby knot represents individuality, and though The Windsor may be more difficult to tie, it represents a sense of power, making it most suitable for business and formal occasions.