Study Reveals the Ridiculous Reason Some Heterosexual Men Feel Anxious In Relationships

Ludacris may have led us to believe that heterosexual men want a “lady in the streets but a freak in the bed,” but according to science, Ludacris may be wrong. Gasp!

In a new study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, researchers found that men often feel anxious when dating sexually aggressive women, to the detriment of their relationship—and the reason why is depressing.

For the study, which was small, researchers followed 62 newly dating couples for a period of eight months. The goal was to explore how each participant’s level of desire for sex and intimacy could influence their “attachment style.”

 In psychology speak, “attachment styles” refer to how people bond with others. Psychologists recognize four different types: secure, anxious, dismissive-avoidant, and fearful-avoidant. In the past, experts believed that one’s attachment style could influence his or her romantic relationships. For example, if you had an anxious attachment style, you likely needed a lot of reassurance from a romantic partner.


But newer research suggests that attachment styles may not be as fixed as we once thought; instead, they appear to change depending on who we date. We’ve all dated people who make us feel more or less anxious, right? When a partner is especially attentive and loving, for example, we might experience lower levels of anxious attachment.

To test this newer theory, the researchers sent the newly dating couples a series of questions to answer about their relationship, intended to measure what type of attachment style each partner each exhibited. For example, the participants rated questions such as “I worry a lot about my relationship with my partner” (anxious attachment), and “I find it difficult to allow myself to depend on my partner” (avoidant attachment).

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